Mad Hungry Panda


Update: I added the function to press jump at the menu to start the game in addition to clicking the button. I also changed the music to one continuous loop. And I adjusted the difficulty to make it a bit harder.

This is a game I have been working on for about two months for a class. It is my first 2D game made in Unity. I learned a lot in the process. I am responsible for all of the code and design of the game. I created all of the sound effects aside from the music. I also did a bit of sprite work and animations. Josh McFarland provided most of the pixel art assets including the logo. Jesse Lavigne was available for guidance and assistance.

I originally had a web build but it doesn’t seem to work so instead…
It can be downloaded for Mac or PC here: Mad Hungry Panda

The controls are simple, you only need to press the spacebar to jump. Collect food to keep your stamina up, avoid the rocks and water! Have at least 50 stamina to break open the goal at the end! There are only two levels so far and not everything is complete. I designed the first level, Josh designed the second one. Other moves such as attacking and rolling will be added to the game at a later time. Please enjoy.

Press Escape to quit the game at any time. It’s possible to sometimes get stuck in the ground.


This is a clone of the board game RoboRally, made in Unity. I had to code it for a group class project. Major thanks to my brother, Christoper Wright, and special thanks to Ryan Lloyd. And thanks to everyone else involved who actually did stuff for this game.

To play, each player selects 5 program cards. Once everyone has chosen, all the robots move on the board according to the cards selected. In order to win, you can either land on the blue checkpoint in the center of the board, activate the red button to trigger a countdown to kill the other robots, or if the other lose all of their lives. If you want to increase or decrease the size of the game window, look for a tiny icon below the player that almost looks invisible.

The game is not completely finished and I don’t plan to work on it any further. There are still some bugs and other things missing.