Squiggly Beta v1.1

It has been waaaaaaaay too long since I’ve posted anything on my website blog. Not to fear, I have been very busy with many different projects. Most of my work has been posted on Facebook, but I will finally post here for once. I really need to update my website sometime too.

Squiggly beta title v1 1 Squiggly Beta v1.1

So today I have released a new beta of the game I am currently working on called Squiggly! It is the first game I am designing in the game design program at my university. It is a Flash game made in the program called Stencyl. I am proud of it and would love for everyone to try it out!

Here is the link: Squiggly Beta v1.1

Francesca Painting – Animated

Francesca vignette 1024x792 Francesca Painting   Animated

Francesca Painting – Animated

This is a painting of my little sister I did in Photoshop in several different versions. I then imported it all into After Effects and later into Flash. You can hold the mouse button down to pause the video and let go to continue. At certain points you need to click to continue.

You can find the finished still images in my digital art gallery.

“Goodnight Day” Illustrations and Animations

These are some storyboard sketches I made for a children’s story called “Goodnight Day”. I believe this book will never see the light of day so I decided to upload what work I have created.

goodnightdaystoryboard 849x1024 Goodnight Day Illustrations and Animations

Here is the colored illustration of page 1 along with little animations for it. This was as far as I got on the project. It was meant to be used for an interactive story app on the iPad.

sample1 Goodnight Day Illustrations and Animations


bird Goodnight Day Illustrations and Animations boyrun Goodnight Day Illustrations and Animations flower Goodnight Day Illustrations and Animations sun Goodnight Day Illustrations and Animations